Let the Experts Show You the Easy Ways to Buy, Maintain, Repair and Upgrade Your Sailboat

“We’ll Show You How to Buy Your Sailboat and then Give You all the Information, Techniques and Expert Advice You’ll Need to Maintain, Upgrade and Repair it Yourself.”

If you’re like me – and if you own or want to own a sailboat I’m betting you are – you want to spend the maximum time sailing and the minimum time maintaining and repairing your boat.

But there are some things on your boat you really need to know how to do.

Like strip and rebuild a winch, bleed a diesel, service a sea cock, trace an electrical fault, splice an eye into a halyard and repair a sail … to name a few.

And if you know how to do jobs like these you won’t have to spend your hard earned money on costly marine surveyors, riggers, sail makers, marine electricians, diesel mechanics and the like.

… and you’ll be a much better sailor.

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Many, but not all of us, own sailboats – not big, luxury boats – mostly relatively modest boats that we try to keep in top condition and sail as often as we can.

We’re developing this community to help each other maintain, repair and upgrade our boats, without spending mega-dollars on professional help if we can avoid it.

There’s a wealth of sailing and boat maintenance experience in this community. By helping each other we can all improve our own skills and pass them on to others.

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We’re also bringing together a team of sailors experienced in all areas of sailboat maintenance and repair. They’ll give you practical, hands-on advice on how to buy, maintain and repair your:

    • standing rigging
    • running rigging
    • masts
    • sails
    • hull and deck
    • paint and anti-fouling
    • bilge pumps and sea cocks
    • marine electrics and electronics
    • deck hardware
    • winches
    • anchors
    • safety gear
    • foul weather gear
    • personal safety gear

…plus much more

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Happy and Safe Sailing!

Peter Reuter