How to Buy a Used Sailboat

So You Want to Buy a Used Sailboat?

Well, before you start, here’s the first rule of sailboat buying.

Rule No.1: You don’t want to buy a used sailboat. You want to buy a “pre-loved” sailboat. You want to buy a boat from a sailor who hands the keys to you with a tear in his eye.

And what you’ll discover in the Used Sailboat Buying Manual, with its 3 hours of videos and 2 survey checklists is how to find this boat and how to eliminate the “lemons” quickly.

You’ll be looking at lots of boats. Many will appear near perfect on the outside but with the skills you’ll learn from the Used Sailboat Buying Manual you’ll be able to see past the polish and the glitter and find the boat that you’ll be happy with for many years.

Notice I didn’t say “the perfect boat for you”?

That’s because of the second rule of sailboat buying:

Rule No.2: There is no such thing as the “perfect” sailboat. And every day you spend on the futile search for it is one day you won’t spend sailing.

Every used boat has problems. Every boat you see will differ from your “perfect boat” and will require some compromises on your part. The questions you have to answer are whether the compromises required are too great, or the cost of repairing or refurbishing the boat are too high.

And you’ll discover how to answer those questions in the Used Sailboat Buying Manual

You must remember that you can’t afford to get a full marine survey on every boat you inspect. The cost would be prohibitive.

However, after reading the Manual and watching the videos you’ll be able to perform a preliminary survey on any boat and eliminate the real lemons.

You’ll discover how to check the basic condition of a boat and get a good idea of the major work needed to bring it up to acceptable condition. You’ll also be able to discuss repair costs with local boatyards, riggers, diesel mechanics and sailmakers.

You’ll be able to eliminate from your short list those boats that are either unsuited to your sailing plans, too poorly maintained to consider, or too costly to repair.

You’ll still need a full professional marine survey before you finally buy your boat. You won’t find all the problems with your initial survey, so it’s prudent to get a professional survey done when you finally decide on the boat you want to buy.

Anyway, your insurer and finance company will probably demand one before they finance or insure your boat.

At the end of the Used Sailboat Buying Manual we show you how to hire a marine surveyor, the questions to ask and what you should do before and during the survey.

We’ll also show you where to find a good used sailboat – one that will give you years of true pleasure.

Download the videos, 40 page pdf and checklists

Used Sailboat Buying Manual